The world according to Luna

Therapy is expensive. Popping plastic bubble wrap is cheap. You choose.

13 January 1979
Lemme see here....what is there to say about me? To quote lostinhersong....... "Well...she has some serious boobs of power that grant her the sought after gift of flight. She just flaps them and voila! she flies!"

When I'm not being a total nerd online, I'm usually either at work at Pandora Jewelry or I'm with my Faire family, Guilde of Sainte Marie where I play a variety of characters to placate the voices in my head.

Let's see.....what else what else.......Not much to me really...I'm a friendly person who likes to hang out and have fun. I studied theater at the local college with hopes to go into the field...but not much has happened with that unfortunately. I think that's it for now...If I think of anything else, I might add it.

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