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Doctor Who Silliness

Wut? I'm still up?

Who would have thought.


I mean, really. Who wouldn't want a cute little Yaten dressed in a Luna catsuit being all cute and adorable like? WHO???

This one is just adorable.

That is all. Going to pack now. I promise. XD


The dryer's done.

Which means my clothes are clean........

Which means I am leaving to pack.



I really wish I could use pixiv to it's fullest.....there is such awesome fanart on there. ;_;

But I still found stuff.....and I wanna share. These are ALL from pixiv.


A change of pace......

There is too much seriousness in the world right now, I thought I would treat my Starlight loving f-list with some eye candy.

BECAUSE I CAN! So there.

And that's just the beginning....X3

VERY IMAGE HEAVY! Full of great fan art I found tonightCollapse )


Commentary! The Musical.

Watch it. Or in this case...listen. IT'S EPIC!

I should so be asleep right now.

Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Smutfic

Random, Action-Oriented, Sexual

You are the Smutfic, most at home in sex games and dressing rooms. You like your roleplay quick and dirty (or sometimes agonizingly long and descriptive), and you play for either sex or pairings -- you don't discriminate much. Like the Shipper, it's the romantic and sexual tension between characters that interests you, but unlike your sister style, you'd much rather move on to the action than drag it out. Sex is certainly not all you want (if character didn't matter, you wouldn't be roleplaying, would you?), but complicated plots bore you. And unfortunately, you're easily bored. Once the sex logs are done with, you're usually gone doing something (or someone) else.

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at HelloQuizzy

Happy 4th all my American peeps.

(Just because I know not everyone that reads this celebrates the 4th of July :D)

I give you a gift......

The beach...on the 3rd. You know you wish you where here. XD

Desktop Meme

Stolen from aeka 

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

1. I wanted to go a little simplistic.....
2. DEMANDO! Enough said.
3. I think the blue to be nice and calming.
4. I hate overly cluttered Wallpapers. I shouldn't have to search for my icons in the picture. It's a desktop, not Where's Waldo.
5. Did I mention the Demando part of it? XD

Oh....why the hells not.

LiveJournal Username
Do you like Sailor Moon?
The sweet, naive heroine who hides her pain insidedeadlydiva
The brilliant and equally sweet genius friendbreathlessaire
Another friend who's literally crazy about singersseiya_katayama
Overzealous guardian who hits anyone approaching empress_donna
A cute member of a boy band...who's really a girlstarfieldsky
The maniac villian who wants to rule the galaxy!madtailordmetri
Innocent bystander who gets turned into a monstergoddessastra
What kind of monster?A teacher-type who throws papers graded "D" at you
This Fun Quiz created by Nancy at BlogQuiz.Net
Awesome car videos at Car-Videos.Biz


OMG Disneyland.......

I am so sunburned.

Prepare yourselves for a rather large picture post upon my return back to Ventura. We still have one more day of Disney fun. I may break it up into two posts. Don't know yet.